10 technologies that are transforming the sport


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style Away from the chair and fried foods with millions watched sports watching television, science is closer than ever physical exercise high level and technology developed to celebrate, control and expand human physical and mental performance is worthy mentioning. Here we review 10 technologies that are transforming the sport today, giving an extra boost to athletes after overcoming preventing new records clothing or other accessories the delay, but the favor.
The current sport is far from that remote naturist panacea of the things that make beeps and require recharging batteries which both advocate certain purists of the sport. Those who propose a sport without technology implementation and closer to the very nature of the activity as a means of physical and social human expansion, an issue that contradicts partly due to the current definition of sport where their business goals and spectacle public, which does not necessarily contribute to the first two virtues mentioned above. Anyway, it is not lack of arguments or evidence, for the sport, both amateur and the high level, has incorporated technology as much as those who participate in the creation and dissemination of technology to incorporate sports. In order to overcome brands and provide greater efficiency in supplements for athletes, these 10 technologies that are transforming the sport.
10 technologies that are transforming the sport
Carbon Nanotechnology
Nothing new if you’re a sports enthusiast high end, it is a widespread and publicized technique. Carbon has a characteristic property that makes it particularly resistant and strong, and is the force that has its atomic binding. This implies that using nanotechnology, scientists can manipulate one (100,000 times thinner than a human hair) unimaginable scale small hollow tubes of carbon that allow ultra light objects yet ultra resistant, while stronger than the steel. Tennis rackets, golf clubs, baseball bats, bicycles and even prostheses for amputees athletes (or not) based on the technique of artificial muscles that can contract up to 30,000 times per second and are also designed for space as they withstand high temperatures .

Carbon Nanotechnology helps build artificial muscles
technological Sastrería
Costs of official and professional attire of athletes are quite high as they are contemplated to be developed and distributed in a commercial form, with a production. With the advent of 3D full body scanners, applications for the sport are providing the ability to analyze the geometry and kinematics of a given body. With the information gathered from each of the folds and movement of an athlete, the digital composition called “tool-less” may create clothing as taking into account up to 300,000 points of action in motion, making technological tailoring an interesting option for those who want an absolute personalization in their dress and not be limited to a size of shirt and a model against the body or loose.

Tailoring technology to make custom clothing.
Biomimicry or biomimetics
There are sports that could practice the naked and performance of athletes would not change, except for the constant embarrassment that should combine with their skills. However there are sports where dress and technology applied to it make a difference, whether of milliseconds, when dialing a record or to operate with greater comfort and / or protection. To this end it is working on biomimicry or biomimetics, which is the branch of science that takes nature as muse to solve human problems. Taking advantage of the almost infinite wisdom of nature, scientists seek to imitate tissues of animals or plants to implement in the clothing of athletes. For example, molecular interactions in mushrooms fingers Geckos blue mussel or to develop gloves and footwear adhesive climbers were studied. a swimsuit for the swimmer Michael Phelps who was inspired by the dermal denticles of shark skin was also developed.

Biomimicry or biomimetics
grocery computers
Recent events have left us witness how some athletes fall swoon of cardiac arrest in length. The most memorable cases are the ones who gave football, but this kind of sudden conflict is inherent in any physical activity where the body to the maximum required. Another well-known and complementary problem (in fact it is the second leading cause of death in athletes) is the body temperature, which until today is measured by touch or by conventional thermometers. With the arrival of the sensors or thermometers grocery, health of the athlete can be controlled outside the lines and while playing or training activity develops. Often athletes, ignorance, risk their health by minimizing changes in temperature or abnormal behavior in your body, but with this thermometer the trainers and doctors will have constant control over the players. Developed by NASA, these edible sensors are the same as used in astronauts and contain a quartz crystal and a micro-battery wrapped in silicone. It provides information on vital signs such as heart rate and temperature.

grocery computers
Robotics athlete
New guinea pigs are robots. But the reasons are not confused, because the choice of these awoken Abiotic is based on the ability to be highly modified to do what they are asked, even throw a baseball more than 150 km / h for testing helmets and new bates materials. Not only they are hit or throw things, robots also skiing. In Japan, a group of researchers developed a robot to study the whole movement on skis every time a turn is executed. This type of information rescues of these studies has a decisive effect on sport training short term as to be more beneficial positions or actions, athletes shorten the distance to your new record.sports-silhouettes_fyGvD3_d_L

Robotics athlete
Computers “wearable”
And sensors are edible, are the “wearable” computers. With this strange word we refer to those sensors that can be dressed in different clothes through training or performance. The sensors on the body to monitor responses and physical states are present for 3 decades, but current sensors deliver information in real time and are implemented on clothing. That is, the athlete does not have to try to do his best with wires hanging everywhere. Waterproof and synthetic fibers with antibacterial action have given this opportunity to scientists and athletes (military also) to be in control of the whole organism through wireless micro sensors.

Computers “wearable”
Computational Fluid Dynamics
That name should be something like that Hussain Bolt not faster, but that time travel directly; but no. Computational Fluid Dynamics is the branch that studies the movement of air, water and gases through different materials. Using the power of supercomputers, scientists do millions of calculations to simulate fluid dynamics both in transportation, buildings or human body. This technology has been rubbing shoulders with the sport in recent times, enabling the creation of helmets, swimwear and clothing of all kinds. The company that has used it is Speedo, who used 3D scanners to analyze the friction that causes the skin and improve aerodynamics. Using these data, manufacturers can create clothes that regulate body from swinging or friction, making small but significant percentage gain performance.

Computational Fluid Dynamics
Image and video ends
Where we would see the expression of the above without the communication technology that has allowed sports are what they are today? The image and video in sports are of critical importance, which are constantly improving to bring better ways to visualize sports, taking data from them almost in real time and also withstand heights, temperatures, weather conditions and shocks. The proximity that give the current media with the latest technology imaging make sports not only live there, closer, and reason for promotion, entertainment and economic proceeds will be, but also help to understand the difficult task of being an athlete and also encourage the introduction of more people in the sport, which feeds back the chain.

Unique viewpoints in sports today help us to understand them better.
Technical assistance in real time
So far we have been seeing technologies that help in the implementation or preparation of athletes, but the real-time technical assistance includes those who look arbitrate and sports. The goals that have been wrongly validated or not in football, offside positions; tennis balls in scratchy inside, outside or on the line; racing, arrivals or false starts, etc. All this and more can be resolved immediately with the digital technological assistance in real time. For referees football is developing for a decade at least (it is not approved by FIFA decision) the hawkeye, which is a computer system and video cameras 600 fps to capture the trajectory of the ball as a reference to see if entered or not a goal, if you crossed a line, etc. Other systems are arc line with a similar operation. Chips in balls and different instruments used in each sport and software for real-time analysis that would make sports had less unjust situations and thus of the violence generated avoided. This is developing and becoming more effective, but lack approval and commitment.

Hawk Eye system in Tennis
reactive materials
In my times of half pipes, Street and other less desirable above my BMX disciplines, saw that falls in high speed sports are a painful constant. For more protection than you were to put the pain and the wounds were part of the routine, but athletes of the new generation may have an opportunity to go through life healthier. The development of protective clothing that can absorb impacts ceased to be so crude and expensive to become a reality only needs more funds and acceptance. Elements such as d30 and Dow Corning’s Active Protection System are constructed of flexible and lightweight material, but upon impact become solid and strong. Researchers at the University of Delaware, have combined material with nanoparticles that instantly become rigid as the kinetic energy threshold is crossed. In addition to serving military, this reactive material is an opportunity for all those who are prone to falls and blows in sports.

reactive materials
These are just 10 technologies that are transforming the contemporary sport and its effects and see or will see in a few years. Of course other technologies are also attending athletes and the show, but it sure will be for another time. And you? What do you think about technology in sports? To what level of interference would be able to endure? What other technologies or what problems you can think of that can be solved in sport?

Technologies and advanced treatments for diabetes

Diabetes technology

It was just held in Paris the eighth edition of Congress on the latest advances in the treatment of diabetes (ATTD 2015 International Conference on Advanced Technologies & Treatments for Diabetes). This time has not presented any dazzling novelty, but a series of works that represent steps in the right direction in providing life and avoid the complications of people with diabetes.

In another article we explain the importance of staying fit to prevent possible diseases due to physical inactivity. Now we will explain the different alternatives that exist to control one of the most common diseases today, diabetes. Continue reading “Technologies and advanced treatments for diabetes”

Top 4 best exercise machines working abdominals, buttocks and thighs

Leg press machine for butt

The strength training machines are ideal to isolate the work of certain muscle groups. These machines are designed to position the body so that only remaining moving parts of the body that are training. The rest of your body remains motionless. This helps conserve the energy required to effectively execute movements in an exercise. A variety of machines specifically target the abdominals, buttocks, hamstrings and quadriceps. Some work more than one muscle group at a time.

1. Leg press

Leg press machine for butt
The leg press machine isolates the quadriceps, but also works the muscles of the buttocks. Many machines have a leg press seat and backrest low altitude, it forces you to push your legs up at an angle steeper than the press machines are horizontal leg. A steeper angle provides a more concentrated force pressing down with the body, making the exercise more efficient. The leg press machines usually have handles that help stabilize the upper body. Pulling and pushing these legs you can not arch your back and so you manage to do all the work with leg strength.

As for buttocks is concerned, many busy women especially prefer exercises for the glutes at home instead of going to a gym. Moreover according to a study there is a relationship between health and exercise at home.

Source: http://www.saludalia.com/salud-de-la-mujer/la-grasa-del-gluteo-dice-mucho-de-tu-salud

2. Machine abdominal contraction

Abdominal crunch machine effectively addresses the complete abdominal area due to stretching machine that creates for your body. Contraction machines have handles and padded leg who take them from behind. These are the points of resistance on the machine that force you to pull the top down and bottom up, with the participation of the abdominal muscles. The forward movement tightens the abdominal crunch and forces them to hire.

3. Squat inward

A machine squats inward is another version of the free weight squat and is safer to exercise if you have knee problems or back. Squats inward pointing to the quadriceps, hamstrings and glutes. Your body is positioned slightly tilted back. When the handle is released Security to activate the sliding mechanism is fully seated weight on your shoulders. While your body is at a slight angle and stabilized by the weight that pushes it down, losing your balance and falling off is impossible. Most such machines have a safety bar trapping weight if a silk leg.

Although many believe that squats are the best exercise, there are some studies that show that may not be the best to increase the muscles in the legs. Anyway we leave a reference for you to see for yourself.

Source: http://www.livestrong.com/article/556240-the-worlds-greatest-exercise/

4. Bending machine legs lying

A bending machine isolates the hamstrings legs lying buttocks but also works at some point. The horizontal position is the most efficient way to target the hamstrings, because you can bend your legs back all you can. Most such machines have handles under the bench, which helps stabilize your upper body. Pull handles keeps your body against the bank and force your hamstrings do the work. The padded leg should be located above the heel and below the calves to optimize the concentration of resistance.