Tums UltraStrength 1000, Peppermint, 160-Count

Tums UltraStrength 1000, Peppermint, 160-Count

Maximum strength heartburn relief. Ultra peppermint. Excellent source of calcium

" Over the years I have tried many brands of antacid products. Some of them work well but Tums is the best low cost solution to upset stomach there is. When there was the major recall of many of the available antacid products on the market, we just kept buying and using Tums..."

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As the title suggests, in this article I will talk about the five things you must not do at all, that is, if you are really serious about curing your acid reflux problem.

Don't Eat Spicy Foods: While I don't mean to say that you need not eat bland and boring foods all your life, the less spicy your food is the fewer bouts of acid reflux you will suffer from. Now, you may be so used to eating spicy foods that you may not think that what you are eating is really spicy. So, carefully consider what your food is made of and what spices are being used to cook it. An even easier way to detect spicy food is: if any food makes you feel generally uncomfortable and bitter burps start coming out of your stomach soon after then something is really wrong with your food! When you are cooking your own food, it is best to use as little spices as possible.

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Meat and Fish: Whoever said that one needs to follow a strict vegetarian diet in order to get rid of acid reflux issues is not telling you the truth. You can definitely have meat, only you cannot have all kinds of meat. You cannot have fatty meat, but you can definitely bite into lean meat, ground beef, chicken, steak, etc. The only condition is that you must never cook meat using a lot of greasy oil; for best results, meat should be consumed either in broiled or grilled form. The same rule goes for fishes too. Truth to be told, there are some really very nutritious fishes that you should add as part of your diet, and as long as you cook them properly, no harm can come upon you!

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Are you suffering from acid reflux? Oh, wait, what a stupid question I am asking here! If you were not suffering from acid reflux then why on earth would you be reading this article, right? Hmm, okay, so now you are looking for some easy solutions to the problems, I guess. I assume that antacids have failed to work for you and now you have decided to go to the doctor. Save your money, I say. Before offering you any medicines at all, chances are that your doctor would ask you to change your lifestyle in a big way. So keep your cash back in your pocket, sit back and relax because I am going to tell you exactly what you should do in order to change your lifestyle in such a way that you find it extremely easy to get rid of acid reflux fast - all free of charge!

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Whether you suffer from acid reflux, snoring, burping or bad breath, there is always a cure out there, you know. In this article I will discuss four such easy cures which are guaranteed to cure all the four problems in one clean sweep!

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There are many reasons why a person can suffer from acid reflux, but how would you know if you are really suffering from acid reflux or not? Well, there are certain bad habits that are well connected to acid reflux so that they are often deemed to be the symptoms of the problem. In this article I will discuss three such bad habits.

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Do you suffer from acid reflux? I know, I know what you would ask me next: how would you know if you really have one? Well, that is not the hard part. If you feel a burning sensation in either your chest or throat, immediately followed by a bitter taste (kinda like bile) in your mouth, then you are indeed suffering from acid reflux.

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Avoid Alcohol: Another big no-no is drinking alcohol. If you are suffering from nighttime acid reflux, let me ask you a question: do you drink alcohol with your dinner? If yes, then that is what is obviously causing this problem! While you may be otherwise fine with drinking less than four ounces of alcohol per day, continuing with your drinking habits makes no sense if you have already been diagnosed with acid reflux. After all, alcohol only increases the amount of acid in your stomach, just in case you didn't know.

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Why are more and more people turning to natural remedies for acid reflux cure? The answer is simple. As more and more people are becoming aware of the side effects and other issues that come bundled with the usage of prescription drugs, they are realizing that natural remedies are their only remaining solution. Also, prescription drugs are mostly meant to be used for a short period of time after which a person is supposed to modify their diet and lifestyle which would itself take care of their stomach acid problems; their long term usage can definitely bring about negative changes in your system. On the other hand, there are many common herbs whose potent with regard to acid reflux has not yet been fully proven, but which pose no threats in the form of side effects either. Naturally, there is no harm in trying some of these natural acid reflux remedies out, right? In this article I will talk about three such remedies.

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If you don't want to consume boatloads of prescription drugs (and believe me, you are not alone in this), despair not. In this article I am gonna tell you about three awesome natural acid reflux treatments you can have!

Herbs: A lot of people prefer herbs over any other kind of medications because herbs are the most natural form of treatment available for just about ANY kind of disease. The main advantage of these herbs is that they don't come with side effects (unlike the prescription medications). The disadvantage is that it can take time before you see any kind of solid results with them - good or bad. In other words, in order to know whether the herbal treatment you are using is really working or not, you will have to wait for at least a couple of months!

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What is acid reflux? Technically, acid reflux occurs when the stomach ejects its contents back to our esophagus due to our lower esophageal sphincter not being closed properly. However, how would you know if you are suffering from acid reflux or not? Simple. If you are unable to sleep at night and always feel a burning sensation either in your throat or chest, then you, my friend, ARE suffering from acid reflux. Also, when you have acid reflux, you would feel that the burning sensation starts in your chest and is then passed on to your throat, whereby you feel a bitter acidic taste in your mouth. While acid reflux gets worse when one sleeps, it can also occur immediately after you had your meal. In this article I will tell you how to get rid of this acid reflux once and for all.

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