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There are many areas of Numismatics that have great potential for growth. If you are considering the sale or acquisition of any material, we urge you to call us first to discuss the options. We are always pleased to offer our recommendations about upgrading your coins for maximum value, or the pros and cons of consigning to auction.

Gary has over 50 years experience in the coin business and knows the sources and resources to benefit you and your collection, as well as maximizing its value. Somerare silver coins to look out for are Silver Barber Quarters, Standing Liberty Quarters, Washington Quarters, Kennedy Half Dollars, Walking Liberty Franklin and many more. He will be moving on to develop new interests and market innovations. The PCGS3000® reflects the opinions of PCGS’s coin price experts with respect to indexes developed by PCGS for specific coin categories.

He purchased the coin shop in 1979, the year before the gold and silver boom. They had a very successful year in 1980, buying and selling silver and gold. They were in the Secretary of State building, so a number of people knew their location from all of the following statements regarding marketing metrics are true except many years back. Subsequently, he sold his half of the business to Dick Jackson, who still owns the shop. In 1983, he moved to Minnesota to work with a larger enterprise, which provided coins for telemarketing and direct mail sale companies.

It is a fast and the most low cost way to sell coins for a private seller. Make sure you present good, clear photographs to your buyers. So, if you are thinking to buyor sell coins in Minneapolis, then give us a call to our toll free number and get more information about our inventory that is continually updated. We also welcome calls if you are interested for the sale or acquisition of any material. Per policy, we do not advise on the value, authenticity, or rarity of readers’ coins and banknotes.

You should know the value of a silver dollarin Minneapolis. The seller should check his coin collection and their value before selling them. The condition, date and the rarity of the coin are the factors to look for before selling. Minnesotas’ premier expert buyer of old coins, gold, silver, currency. Washington Numismatic Gallery, Inc.The owner John Konrad started selling coins and stamps when he opened a store in 1961.

So, if you are also interested in buying some old coins as a hobby or as an investment. You must check out the collection of Gary Adkins Rare Coins Online. Gary has been in the numismatic business for over 50 years. Past President of both ANA and PNG and former Chair of ICTA, serving over 10 years on each of these Boards. Committed to professionalism, integrity and betterment of the hobby and industry. I have over 50 years experience in the coin business and know the sources and resources to benefit your collection, and maximize value.

It feels immense joy when you feel that coin in your palm-the every coin that has been touched by millions of people in different eras. Sold some coins I recently inherited a coin collection and needed to sell it. I searched the web and called several different dealers. When I called this company they were patient and offered some advise instead of just telling me to bring it in. When I did bring it in they spent quite a bit of time going through the coins and giving me a value.

There are many good markets for the rare coins but for the serious collectors, auctions present an opportunity that is not available elsewhere. Buying and selling of silver coins is said to be the safest investing choice. With silver’s value increasing rapidly, you can get good money by selling your coins at their premium rates. Gary credits President John F. Kennedy for inspiring him to open a coin business. In 1964, his father had the idea that the Kennedy half-dollars were going to be very popular. Proof sets were going to be popular and everyone was going to want one.

With an experience of more than 50 years in buying and selling coins collection in Minneapolis we strive to find and satisfy your needs. To help avid coin collectors to buy and sell premium rare gold and silver coins, bullions and other old currency we constantly travel around the country. Investing in coins is considered to be a good protection against inflation hedge. With over 50 years in business, Gary Adkins is one of the most respected coin dealers in the upper Midwest.

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