What is “Paintings by numbers” and what is included in the drawing kit?

Painting by numbers is a product that combines leisure, entertainment, hobbies, creativity, home decor, gift and painting training. Currently, it is widely popular in America, Europe, Japan and Korea. In the Paint By Numbers Shop https://paintingbynumber.uk online store there is a a large selection of paintings by numbers for both children and adults. This hobby is an excellent anti-stress activity after a hard day’s work. You can masterfully create a work of art without having the skills of an artist, but simply by painting over the areas numbered on the canvas.

We sincerely believe that paint by numbers for adults will bring more bright colors into your life and help you have a lot of fun creating your artistic masterpiece. Color the whole world with us!

A set of paintings by numbers – what is included in the drawing kit

Canvas on a stretcher: natural material made of the highest quality cotton with numbered areas applied to it Paints: Numbered painting paints, non-toxic and eco-friendly. They will make your work brighter for a long time. Paints are harmless, but unsuitable for human consumption. In case of contact with clothes, wash them off as soon as possible.
Brushes: Made of highly elastic nylon. Help you draw quickly and easily.

Paint by numbers – how to draw correctly?

  • Before drawing, prepare water to dilute the paint and wash the brush;
  • Paint over the area on the canvas with paint. The number on the paint jar must match the number of the area on the canvas;
  • If you mistakenly painted over the area with the wrong color, then you can, after drying the canvas, apply the paint of the desired color;
  • Close the paint jars tightly when you are not using them. The paint dries quickly in an open jar.
  • Wash your brushes thoroughly before using a different color of paint.
  • Concentrate on drawing and you will not only get a masterful job, but also gain artistic experience;
  • You can use your work to decode.
  • The colors may vary slightly from the example on the box.

Instructions and little tricks in drawing from the paintingbynumber.uk online store
·         Pointillism is a technique of creating a picture by applying many small dots, creates a glow effect;

  • Color transition – it is necessary to wash off the paint from the brush, wet it a little and blur the sharp transition between sectors with smooth movements;
  • Feathery transition – with light and quick strokes, retouch the border of colors until it becomes more textured;
  • Light coating – dilute the paint with water and then apply it with a light layer over the dried paint. You will get a transparency effect
  • Decoration – After finishing the painting, add some details such as: dots, lines, etc. They will help to make your picture more lively and vivid.

Painting by numbers they have won recognition all over the world and give pleasure to people of all ages, continuing to win more and more new fans.

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