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ScrollingFollowView – ScrollingFollowView is an easy view which follows UIScrollView scrolling. KafkaRefresh – Animated, customizable, and flexible pull-to-refresh framework for quicker and simpler iOS growth. HTPullToRefresh – Easily add vertical and horizontal pull to refresh to any UIScrollView. FFPopup – ⛩FFPopup is a lightweight library for presenting customized views as a popup. SKCountryPicker – A easy, customizable Country picker for picking country or dialing code. RHSideButtons – Library provides easy to implement variation of Android Floating Action Button for iOS.

Being a scam sufferer may be miserable, you have been given empty promises. They often cease replying after reaching their purpose which hurts even more, i’ve been there too as I was too ambitious and needed financial security which made me invest will only open to one wielding the power that echoes that of the augari a piece of my life financial savings. I by no means thought I can be getting back a dime again and already misplaced hope till I contacted a CMwhich was only a leap of faith as I wasn’t going to go down without a fight.

Ios-dragable-table-cells – Support for drag-n-drop of UITableViewCells in a navigation hierarchy of view controllers. SpreadsheetView – Full configurable spreadsheet view user interfaces for iOS purposes. With this framework, you probably can simply create advanced layouts like schedule, Gantt chart or timetable as in case you are utilizing Excel. LNPopupController – a framework for presenting view controllers as popups of other view controllers, much like the Apple Music and Podcasts apps. EasyAnimation – A Swift library to take the power of UIView.animateWithDuration() to a complete new degree – layers, springs, chain-able animations, and mixing view/layer animations together.

Satrapi reveals the vary of opinions and beliefs within the Iranian individuals, as properly as the contradictions included in some of their beliefs—including her young self. Prefacing an interview with Satrapi for the comics web site, Daniel Robert Epstein famous that “this guide must be required reading. It exhibits that even in the ‘us’ and ‘them’ state of affairs, ‘them’ typically has many facets—and many particular person faces.” However, Joy Press, writing for the Village Voice, unfavorably in contrast the black-and-white panels to “Michael Moore’s silly two-minute gloss on American history in Bowling for Columbine—cute, but missing perception.” The Iran-Iraq War was one of many deadliest since World War II, with the tides of war turning from one aspect to the opposite throughout the years of combating. Both sides used chemical and biological warfare as nicely as missile attacks.

Switchboard – Switchboard – simple and tremendous gentle weight A/B testing in your cell iPhone or android app. This cell A/B testing framework permits you with minimal servers to run giant quantities of mobile users. Fuse-swift – A light-weight fuzzy-search library, with zero dependencies. Heimdall – Heimdall is a wrapper around the Security framework for simple encryption/decryption operations.

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